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Autonics Authorised Distributor Dealer Supplier of Sensor, Encoder, Digital Counter, Timer, Temperature Controller, Thyristor Controller, Proximity Sensor, Proximity Switches Phtotoelectric Sensor, Rotary Encoder, Panel Meter, Power Supply, SSR, Menics Signal Lamp, Push Button

Autonics India - Dealer, Supplier, Distributor, Price, India

Autonics Authorized Distributor, Autonics Dealer, Autonics Supplier of Sensor, Encoder, Timer, Counter, Temperature Controller Price in India

Autonics is a leading provider of automation solutions. Autonics develop and manufacture a wide range of automation products which are marketed worldwide. Autonics offers a diverse range of products including photoelectric sensors, proximity sensors, rotary encoders with a vast sales and technical support network. Autonics is able to provide comprehensive automation solutions for our customers across the globe. Autonics core products include various sensors, controllers, motion devices, measuring equipment, laser marking systems, connection equipment and more. Apple Automation And Sensor is one of the most trusted and recognized organization in the sensor and automation Industry, is Autonics Authorized Distributor, Autonics Dealer, Autonics Supplier in India, and that provide high quality original products and services for last sevral years, and deal with hundreds of Industry leading brands and provide Quality Assurance – All of our products are branded and original and keep ourselves affirmed on quality factor to provide High quality products to our customers.

AAutonics Photoelectric Sensorutonics Photoelectric Sensor 

We are Dealer, Supplier, Authorised Distributor of Autonics Photoelectric sensors in India, and supplier of oil-proof photoelectric sensors, ultra-compact, thin type photoelectric sensors, compact photoelectric sensors, Diffuse Sensor, Through Beanm sensor, Retro reflective sensor, reflector, Fiber optic sensor, Fiber optic Cable. Apple Automation and sensor, diffuse reflective photoelectric sensors, BA2M-DDT, BA2M-DDT-P, BC15-LDT-C, BC15-LDT-CP, BEN10M-TDT, BEN10M-TFR, BEN10M- TFR, BEN300-DDT, BEN300-DFR, BEN3M-PDT, BEN3M-PDT, BEN3M-PFR, BEN5M-MDT, BEN5M-MFR, BF3RX, BF3RX-P, BF4G, BF4G-E, BF4GP, BF4G-R, BF4R, BF4R-E, BF4RP, BF4R-R, BF5B-D1-N, BF5B-D1-P, BF5G-D1-N, BF5G-D1-P, BF5R-D1-N, BF5R-D1-P, BF5R-S1- N, BF5R-S1-P, BFC-N, BFX-D1-N, BFX-D1-P, BH1M-DDT, BH20M-TDT, BH300-DDT, BH4M-PDT, BJ100-BDT-P, BJ100-DDT, BJ100-DDT-C, BJ100-DDT-CP, BJ100-DDT-P, BJ10M-TDT, BJ10M-TDT-C, BJ10M-TDT-CP, BJ10M-TDT-P, BJ15M-TDT, BJ15M-TDT, BJ15M- TDT-C, BJ15M-TDT-CP, BJ15M-TDT-P, BJ15M-TDT-P, BJ1M-DDT, BJ1M-DDT-C, BJ1M-DDT-CP, BJ1M-DDT-P, BJ300-DDT, BJ300- DDT-C, BJ300-DDT-CP, BJ300-DDT-P, BJ30-BDT, BJ30-BDT-P, BJ3M-PDT, BJ3M-PDT-C, BJ3M-PDT-CP, BJ3M-PDT-P, BJ50- BDT. We supply Ultra-compact type, Compact type, Standard type, AC/DC type, Oil-resistant type, Cylindrical type, U-shaped type, Color mark type, Liquid level type sensors, AC, DC, NPN, PNP, NO, NC, Light ON and Dark ON modes, ON delay, OFF delay type sensors.

AAutonics Proximity Sensorutonics Proximity Sensor

We are Dealer, Supplier, Authorised Distributor of Autonics Proximity sensors in India, and supply Autonics Proximity sensors are common, reliable, and durable solutions for applications requiring non-contact detection. We are supplier of various types of Sensor like Full Metal, Long distance, Spatter resistance, Rectangular, Rectangular Flat, Long Sensing Distance, Standard, Non Shield, Shield, Flush, Non Flush, Diameter, Sensing Distance, 1.5 mm, 2 mm, 4 mm, 5 mm, 7 mm, 8 mm, 10 mm, 14 mm, 15 mm, 20 mm, 25 mm, 50 mm, AC 2-wire, DC 2-wire, DC 3-wire, Cable, Cable Connector, Connector, Power Supply, Loop powered type 12 – 24 VDC, 12 – 48 VDC, 100 – 240 VAC, Long Body, Standard, Output Type, Normal Close, Front sensing, Upside sensing, Normal Open, NPN, PNP, Housing Size,17×17×36 mm, Apple Automation And Sensor Supplier in various sizes and sensing distances, the standard cylindrical inductive sensors can be used in diverse applications requiring non-contact detection of metallic objects. Full-Metal Cylindrical, Long-Distance Inductive Proximity Sensors.We offer best price and normally stock model PFI25-8AC, PFI25-8AO, PFI25-8DN, PFI25-8DN2, PFI25-8DP, PFI25-8DP2, PR08-1.5DN, PR08-1.5DN2, PR08-1.5DP, PR08-1.5DP2, PR08-2DN, PR12-2AC, PR08-2DP, PR12-2AO, PR12-2DN, PR12-2DN2, PR12-2DP, PR12-2DP2, PR12-4AC, PR12-4AO, PR12-4DN, PR12-4DN2, PR12-4DP, PR12-4DP2, PR18-5AC, PR18-5AO, PR18-5DN, PR18-5DN2, PR18-5DP, PR18-5DP2, PR18-8AC, PR18-8AOPR18-8DN, PR18-8DN2, PR18-8DP, PR18-8DP2, PR30-10AC, PR30-10AO, PR30-10DN, PR30-10DP, PR30-15AC, PR30-15AO, PR30-15DN, PR30-15DN2, PR30-15DP, PR30-15DP2, PRA18-5DN, PRA18-5DP, PRA30-10AO, PRA30-10DN, PRAT12-2DO, PRAT18-5DO, PRAT30-10DO, PRCM12-2AO, PRCM12-2DN, PRCM12-2DN2, PRCM12-2DP, PRCM12-2DP2, PRCM12-4AO, PRCM12-4DN, PRCM12-4DN2, PRCM12-4DP, PRCM18-5AC, PRCM18-5AO, PRCM18-5DN, PRCM18-5DP, PRCM18-8AO, PRCM18-8DN, Apple Automation And Sensor PRCM18-8DP, PRCM30-10AO, PRCM30-10DN, PRCM30-10DP, Apple Automation And Sensor, PRCM30-15AO, PRCM30-15DN, PRCM30-15DP, PRCML18-5DN, PRCML18-5DP, PRCML18-8AO, PRCML18-8DP, PRCML30-15DP, PRCMT12-2DO, PRCMT12-4DO, PRCMT18-5DO, PRCMT18-8DO, PRCMT30-10DO, PRCMT30-15DC, PRCMT30-15DO, PRD12-4DN, PRD12-4DP, PRD12-8DN, PRD12-8DP, PRD18-14DN, PRD18-14DN2, PRD18-14DP, PRD18-14DP2, PRD18-7DN, PRD18-7DN2, PRD18-7DP, PRD18-7DP2, PRL08-1.5DN, PRL08-1.5DP, PRL08-2DN, PRL08-2DP, PRL12-2DN, PRL12-2DP, PRL12-4DN, PRL12-4DP, PRL18-5AC, PRL18-5AO, PRL18-5DN, PRL18-5DP, PRL18-5DP2, PRL18-8AC, PRL18-8AO, PRL18-8DN, PRL18-8DN2, PRL18-8DP, PRL30-10AO, PRL30-10DN, PRL30-10DP, PRL30-15AO, PRL30-15DN, PRL30-15DP, PRS12-2DN, PRS12-2DP, PRS12-4DN, PRS12-4DP, PRT08-1.5DC, PRT08-1.5DO, PRT08-2DO, PRT12-2DC, PRT12-2DO, PRT12-4DC, PRT12-4DO, PRT18-5DC, PRT18-5DO, PRT18-8DC, PRT18-8DO, PRT30-10DO, PRT30-15DO, PRW08-1.5DN, PRW08-1.5DP, PRW08-2DN, PRW08-2DP, PRW12-2DN, PRW12-4DN, PRW18-5DN, PRW18-8DN, PRW30-15DN, PRWL08-2DN, PRWL18-8DN, PRWT08-1.5DO, PRWT12-4DO, PRWT18-8DO, PS12-4DN, PS12-4DNU, PS12-4DP, PS12-4DPU, PS50-30DN, PS50-30DP, PSN17-5DN, PSN17-5DNU, PSN17-5DP, PSN17-5DP-3MTR, PSN17-5DP2-3MTR, PSN17-8DN, PSN17-8DN2, PSN17-8DN2U-F, PSN17-8DNU, PSN17-8DNU-F, PSN17-8DP, PSN17-8DPU, PSN17-8DPU-F, PSN175DP2, PSN30-15AC, PSN30-15AO, PSN30-15DN, PSN30-15DN2, PSN30-15DP, PSN40-20AC, PSN40-20AO, PSN40-20DN, PSN40-20DP, PSNT17-5DC, PSNT17-5DO, PST17-5DO-NP, PT4-3DN, PT4-3DP, PT6-3DN, PT6-3DP, PT8-3DN, PT8-3DP.

Autonics Capacitive Sensors

We are Dealer, Supplier, Authorised Distributor of Autonics Capacitive Sensor in India, Autonics Capacitive Sensors, the CR series cylindrical capacitive proximity sensors are capable of detecting any material with dielectric different from air. The sensors can detect conductive and non-conductive materials including metal, iron, stone, plastic, water, and grain. The built-in sensitivity adjuster allows easy configuration of detecting distance, making it ideal for application in various environmental settings.

Autonics Rotary Encoders

Autonics Rotary Encoder

We are Dealer, Supplier, Authorised Distributor of Autonics Rotary Encoder in India, and supply the Rotary Encoders are available in cable type, cable connector type, and axial / radial connector types along with various control output options. Autonics Rotary encoder 50 mm Incremental Rotary Encoders (Shaft Type), 40 mm Incremental Rotary Encoders (Shaft Type), The E40H series hollow shaft type incremental rotary encoders, Shaft, hollow shaft, blind hollow shaft models available, various resolutions : 1 to 5000 pulses per revolution, various control output options, Power supply : 5VDC ± 5%, 12-24VDC ± 5% type encoder we supply. Normally Most Running model we stock and offer best price E50S8-100-3-T-1, E50S8-1000-3-T-1, E50S8-2000-3-T-1, E50S8-2500-3-T-1, E50S8-30-3-T-1, E50S8-360-3-T-1, E50S8-3600-3-T-1, E50S8-400-3-T-1, E50S8-500-3-T-1, E50S8-5000-3-T-1, E50S8-600-3-T-1, E100H35-1024-3-N-24, E30S4-100-3-N-24, E30S4-100-3-T-24, E30S4-100-6-L-5, E30S4-1000-3-N-24, E30S4-1000-6-L-5, E30S4-1024-3-N-24, E30S4-1024-6-L-5, E30S4-200-3-N-24, E30S4-200-3-T-24, E30S4-200-6-L-5, E30S4-3000-3-N-24, E30S4-3000-6-L-5, E30S4-360-3-N-24, E30S4-360-6-L-5, E30S4-500-3-N-24, E30S4-500-3-T-24, E30S4-500-6-L-5, E40H10-1000-3-T-24, E40H10-1024-3-N-24, E40H10-1024-6-L-5, E40H10-200-3-N-24, E40H10-2048-6-L-5, E40H10-360-3-T-24, E40H10-50-3-T-24, E40H12-100-3-T-24, E40H12-1000-6-L-5, E40H12-1024-3-N-24, E40H12-1024-3-T-24, E40H12-1024-6-L-5, E40H12-200-3-N-24, E40H12-2048-3-T-24, E40H12-2500-3-N-24, E40H12-2500-3-T-24, Apple Automation and Sensor, E40H12-2500-6-L-5, E40H12-360-3-N-24, E40H12-360-3-T-24, E40H12-360-6-L-5, E40H12-500-3-T-24, E40H12-5000-3-N-24, E40H12-5000-3-T-24, E40H8-100-3-T-24, E40H8-1000-3-N-24, E40H8-1000-3-T-24, E40H8-1000-6-L-5, E40H8-1024-3-T-24, E40H8-1024-6-L-5, E40H8-200-3-N-24, E40H8-200-6-L-5, E40H8-2000-6-L-5, E40H8-2048-3-N-24, E40H8-2084-6-L-5, E40H8-2500-6-L-5, E40H8-300-3-N-24, E40H8-300-3-T-24, E40H8-360-3-T-24, E40H8-360-6-L-5, E40H8-45-3-T-24, E40H8-50-3-N-24, E40H8-500-3-T-24, E40H8-600-3-T-24, E40HB10-1024-3-N-24, E40S6-100-3-N-24, E40S6-1000-3-N-24, E40S6-1000-6-L-5, E40S6-1024-3-N-24, E40S6-1024-6-L-5, E40S6-200-3-N-24, E40S6-2000-3-N-24, E40S6-2000-6-L-5, E40S6-250-3-N-24, E40S6-250-6-L-5, E40S6-2500-3-N-24, E40S6-2500-6-L-5, E40S6-300-3-N-24, E40S6-360-3-N-24, E40S6-360-6-L-5, E40S6-3600-3-N-24, E40S6-3600-6-L-5, E40S6-400-3-N-24, E40S6-45-3-N-24, E40S6-500-3-N-24, E40S6-5000-3-N-24, E40S6-5000-6-L-5, E40S6-60-3-N-24, E40S6-600-3-N-24, E50S8-100-3-N-24, E50S8-100-3-T-24, E50S8-1000-3-N-24, E50S8-1000-3-T-24, E50S8-1000-6-L-5, E50S8-1024-3-N-24, E50S8-1024-3-T-24, E50S8-1024-6-L-5, E50S8-200-3-N-24, E50S8-200-3-T-24, E50S8-2000-3-N-24, E50S8-2000-3-T-24, E50S8-2000-6-L-5, E50S8-2048-6-L-5, E50S8-250-3-N-24, E50S8-250-3-T-24, E50S8-250-6-L-5, E50S8-2500-3-N-24, E50S8-2500-3-T-24, E50S8-2500-6-L-5, E50S8-30-3-N-24, E50S8-30-3-T-24, E50S8-300-3-N-24, E50S8-300-3-T-24, E50S8-3000-6-L-5, E50S8-360-3-N-24, E50S8-360-3-T-24, E50S8-360-6-L-5, E50S8-3600-3-N-24, E50S8-3600-3-T-24, E50S8-3600-6-L-5, E50S8-400-3-N-24, E50S8-400-3-T-24, E50S8-50-3-N-24, E50S8-50-3-T-24, E50S8-500-3-N-24, E50S8-500-3-T-24, E50S8-500-6-L-5, E50S8-5000-3-N-24, E50S8-5000-3-T-24, E50S8-5000-6-L-5, E50S8-60-3-N-24, E50S8-60-3-T-24, E50S8-600-3-N-24, E50S8-600-3-T-24, E50S8-6000-3-T-24, E50S8-8000-3-N-24, E50S8-8000-3-T-24, E50S8-8000-6-L-5, E68S15-1024-6-L-5, E80H30-1024-3-T-24, E80H30-1024-6-L-5, ENA-1-2-T-24, ENC-1-1-N-24, ENC-1-1-T-24, ENC-1-2-N-24, ENC-1-2-T-24, ENC-1-3-T-24, ENH-100-1-L-5, ENH-100-1-T-24, ENH-100-2-L-5, ENH-100-2-T-24, ENH-100-2-V-24, ENP-100R-360-N, ENP-111R-006-P, EP50S8-1024-1R-P-24, EP50S8-1024-2F-P-24, EP50S8-1024-3F-N-24, EP50S8-1024-3F-P-24, EP50S8-360-1F-N-24, EP50S8-360-1R-N-24, EP50S8-360-2F-N-24, EP50S8-360-3F-P-24, EP50S8-45-3R-P-24, EP50S8-512-3F-P-24.

Autonics Counter TimerAutonics Counter

We are Dealer, Supplier, Authorised Distributor of Autonics Counter in India, and supply Autonics Digital Counter The CT series digital counter/timers are integrated units with functions of counters and timers. The units feature various input/output operation modes and load contact capacity up to 5A for flexible application in diverse industries. The RS485 models allow remote parameter configuration and monitoring via PCs. The CT series is available in 4-digit and 6-digit models in 3 standard DIN sizes (48 × 48, 72 × 72, 72 x 36 mm).The LA8N series LCD counters feature an 8-digit display with backlight (backlight models). The compact size allows easy installation in tight spaces and the built-in lithium battery allows the units to operate without external power supplies. Count-up and count-down operation modes are supported and no-voltage input, voltage input, and AC/DC universal voltage models are available.

Autonics Timer

We are Dealer, Supplier, Authorised Distributor of Autonics Timer in India, and supply Autonics Timer The LE8N series LCD timers feature an 8-digit display with backlight (backlight models). The compact size allows easy installation in tight spaces and the built-in lithium battery allows the units to operate without external power supplies. Various time setting ranges are supported and no-voltage input, voltage input, and AC/DC universal voltage models are available.The ATN series multi-function analog timers feature 6 output operation modes and 12 time setting ranges for application in diverse timing control tasks. The timers also feature a wide time setting range between 0.05 seconds to 100 hours. Simple time configuration and operation is possible with the analog dial control. The ATN series is available in 8-pin or 11-pin plug models.

Autonics Temperature Controller

We are Dealer, Supplier, Authorised Distributor of Autonics Temperature Controller in India, and supply Autonics temperature controllers The TX series temperature controllers feature easy-to-read LCD displays with large, white PV characters. The 11-segment displays used for PV and SV are useful for displaying various alphanumeric characters and provide improved legibility.The TCN series dual display PID temperature controllers offer excellent performance and cost efficiency. The controllers offer high-speed sampling rate of 100 ms and ±0.5% display accuracy. Relay output and SSR drive output are both supported. The TCN series models can simultaneously display PV and SV. The bright LED displays with large characters provide easy and clear value readings.The TK series high performance PID temperature controllers feature high-speed sampling cycle rate of 50 ms with ±0.3% display-accuracy. The controllers offer high precision temperature control with features such as simultaneous heating and cooling control and automatic/manual control options. The all-purpose temperature controllers are available in various sizes and input/output options, for stable and precise temperature control of any required application.The TMH series modular multi-channel high performance temperature controllers are capable of controlling up to 2 or 4 channels of input/output simultaneously

Autonics Panel Meter

We are Dealer, Supplier, Authorised Distributor of Autonics Panel Meter in India, and supply Autonics Panel Meter The MT4N series compact digital panel meters are available in various input and output options, allowing flexible application in diverse environments. The units can display measured values between -1999 and 9999, and features various user-friendly functions including high/low-limit display scale, AC frequency measurement, zero-point adjustment, and PV transmission output scale function.

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